During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration sent out scores of humanists to collect Americans’ stories. These stories have fueled historic research and writing since that time. It is with these historic preservation efforts in mind that the History Harvest Project took shape.

The History Harvest is a collaborative, community based digital project and learning initiative that aims to democratize history. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) began the project by holding undergraduate-led harvests, or public days on which community members were invited to share their letters, photographs, objects, and stories and participate in conversations about these items. Students digitally captured each artifact and shared them in a web-based archive providing publicly available material for historical study, k-12 instruction, and life-long learning.

Since the first History Harvest at UNL, other institutions have used this and other models in their own communities. This site is for this growing community of History Harvest practitioners and for those interested in the project. Please, explore our archives, syllabi, and project models. Welcome to the History Harvest.